Qt 2D Game Prototype Demos SDXM

Here are some functioning pure Qt 2D game prototypes I’ve created as a foundation for my 2D game engine SDXM.

This is an experimental demo of Qt basic particle effect. How seamless it looks depends on your CPU. It isn’t optimized code. I’m not anticipating using it for real-time playback, but users might find it useful for generating pre-rendered sprite frames. I’ll look into it some more.

In this demo, Qt can pump out 3,000+ sprites (and I’m sure it can do way more) when you optimize the draw loop. It also demonstrates simple layer parallax and image distortions swirl+pixelate+water.

In this demo, using pure Qt and QTransform, I demonstrate a F-Zero-like implementation that displays a 2D map as 3D.

Unlike my previous demo-test, this one has functioning 3D rotation.

The downside is that QTransform is not optimized and maps every pixel from 2D to 3D, which is really slow. And you’ll pretty much confined to a maximum resolution of 640×480 no matter how many processor cores you have. Again, this is just a prototype and I can look into actual bit manipulation, but 3D isn’t my priority right now.

This is my earlier 3D plane test. It only demonstrates 3D translation using QTransform. But notice, too, that I can draw and animate a 2D sprite on top of the 3D with no problem.

My first Qt implemented 2D engine demonstrating layer parallax and sprite animation.