Tips and tricks for c++ pointers and operators

If you really want to get the best performance from your c++ coding adventures, you’re gonna have to really get deep into the low-level experience. That means learning how to use pointers and directly accessing memory and data, which is always risky, but with care and proper practices, it shouldn’t even make you flinch. So here are some tips on how to master even c++ pointers and operators.

Usually when you’re accessing a pointer to a member of a class or object, you can do so in c++ like this:

//accessing member of object 10 in the someObject array/list

The [] operator is no different than this: Continue reading “Tips and tricks for c++ pointers and operators”

How to use Windows API all-purpose PVOID* structure

If you’re into modern Windows API c++ programming, it seems things have gotten just slightly easier. Naming conventions for classes, functions, structs, enums, etc. just aren’t as confusing anymore. I’m sure technical experts know how to move virtual memory around, which is essentially what programming and problem solving is, but if you’re just sitting down for some casual tinkering, it’s going to be a nightmare. You’re relying on the developers before you to name things intuitively.

So now Windows API documentation has been trying to promote using their generic PVOID struct more. It’s safer, maybe. It’s nothing special. It’s a generic struct to get a pointer to some data, any data. But you have to cast the data type yourself.

Here’s an example of how you can do something: Continue reading “How to use Windows API all-purpose PVOID* structure”

Using Now Patent-Free MP3 Audio Format For Your Indie Games

I’m super late posting this, as the news happened THREE YEARS AGO and the media didn’t spread the word. Anyway, as of 2017, the MP3 audio format is now patent-free. It doesn’t mean that you can now pirate all the commercial songs you want. What it actually means is now that the audio format is patent-free, you can implement an MP3 encoder/decoder into your game engine! That’s sweet! Continue reading “Using Now Patent-Free MP3 Audio Format For Your Indie Games”