Update: Real 3D in Qt 4.8.7 without third-party libraries DirectX or OpenGL


Is it getting more obvious this is going to work? 😛

It’s more a proof of working concept than solid demo, but I reiterate, it proves it works. You may not notice, but unfortunately it’s rendering off of 2 separate coordinate systems. The 3D object coordinates are based on my own hacky custom implemenation, so those red cubs are using basic 3D to 2D projection I picked off from Wikipedia among many other learning resources. The world map is using QTransform, obviously flawless from my many years of tinkering with QPainter and definitely incredibly optimized.

Granted, it’s not full interactive yet, but I would say it’s ready for showtime if users just wanted something gimmicky like those 3D floors in Super Nintendo’s Street Fighter 2 games. That’s what I’ve been trying to emulate anyway. No full Mode 7 yet. Once I figure out how to get these 3D object planes correctly projected, then I’ll brag harder.

But for now, you can witness for yourself. It’s more than possible. It’s not a rip on DirectX or OpenGL or even Qt’s own 3D widgets and classes. It’s just those add on another level of learning and creates more complications. After all, I’m still just learning.