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Jun 18, 2024
2:50 PM - Oooeeey!!! It's warm this time of year. It's close to 100°F in the frozen tundra. Gets super cold during winter time, super hot during summer time.
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July 5, 2024
ChatGPT: Taylor Swift
Jul. 5, 2024And here’s the ChatGPT AI-generated response for the prompt “Tell me about Taylor Swift”: Taylor Swift photo courtesy of Wikipedia Taylor Swift is a multi-talented American singer-songwriter who has achieved immense success in both country and pop music genres. Born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania, Swift showed an early interest in music and Read More...
ChatGPT: Kendrick Lamar
Jul. 5, 2024Some ChatGPT AI-generated fun. The prompt was “Tell me about Kendrick Lamar”. This is the response: Kendrick Lamar photo courtesy of Wikipedia Kendrick Lamar is a highly acclaimed rapper, songwriter, and producer from Compton, California, known for his intricate lyrics, socially conscious themes, and innovative approach to hip-hop music. Born on June 17, 1987, Lamar Read More...
April 14, 2024
A Couple of Silly Ducks
Apr. 14, 2024Look at these two silly ducks sneaking around in our backyard. Like literally sneaking around like Solid Snake or something. They weren’t spooked by dog barks or anything. Might have a nest nearby.
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