Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it. -Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do
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Mar 22, 2018

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December 11, 2018
Aquaman 2018 Film Theme Soundtrack Lyrics (Warning Spoilers)
Aquaman 2018 Film Theme Soundtrack Lyrics (Warning Spoilers) Copyright © Chonkey Zimmern and Henry Gossitt Werner Deep in the blue beyond An epic war rages on Searching for the ultimate peacekeeper To bridge the great divide They call him Aqua-Man (Aqua) (Aqua) (Aqua) AQUA-MAN!!! Aqua-fellow in yellow and one mean badass in green He’s AQUA-MAN!!! Read More...
August 1, 2018
What it’s like to be poor? A Soliloquy
Empty Wallet
What it’s like to be poor? By Chongchen Saelee What it’s like to be poor? You’re always frowning Your neck’s always itching like a dog Your clothes don’t fit You got The Beach Boys Greatest Hits on your mind But you don’t have a smartphone to listen to any of them Your last dollar was Read More...
July 20, 2018
How To Read Attacker’s Face In Fight
Read Faces of Attacker in Fight
Here are some sketches I’ve done to show you the faces of attackers might have during a life or death confrontation. I’m not an expert, but it might help some.     1. The attacker is just puffing up his chest, showboating. If the attacker is armed, he might even fire some “warning” shots to Read More...
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