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Jan 20, 2021
7:40 PM - It's a NEW YEAR!! New chances, new outlooks. Hope to have many successes in life. Take smaller steps if you have to.
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January 24, 2021
Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) Official Trailer #1
Jan. 24, 2021
“Godzilla vs. Kong” is another sequel to the latest revamp of Godzilla movies “Godzilla” (2014), “Godzilla King of Monsters” (2019) and a crossover with the latest King Kong revamp “Kong Skull Island” (2017). In this crossover, it seems Godzilla has turned evil and Kong is now the hero of the show. “Godzilla vs. Kong” will Read More...
January 20, 2021
Yojimbo (1961) Review
Jan. 20, 2021
Yojimbo (1961) Review By Chongchen Saelee “Yojimbo” is my second favorite Akira Kurosawa film after “Seven Samurai”. Yojimbo means bodyguard in Japanese. It may seem like star Toshiro Mifune is playing the same nameless archetype, but they are indeed two different characters. In “Yojimbo”, Mifune plays a nameless wandering ronin (a masterless samurai) who is Read More...
September 25, 2020
10 Things I’ve Learned Turning 37 Years Old
Sep. 25, 2020
10 Things I’ve Learned Turning 37 years old By Chongchen Saelee Gaw dayum. I’m turning 37 years old next month. Here are 10 things I’ve learned in my existence: 1. People are in their final Dragon Ball Z form by the time they are around 22 years old in modern days because that’s when they Read More...
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