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Qt Real 3D Emulates SNES Mode 7 Prototype Demo

It’s actually a little more advanced than SNES Mode 7 because it’s real 3D. Yes, Nintendo’s Mode 7 was 3D, but the limitation was to the ground plane. I needed to have better understanding of how a 3D engine worked … Continue reading

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Qt 4.8.7 Prerequisites for Windows

Qt 4.8.7 differs greatly from Qt 4.8.5 in that they’ve wanted to provide more access to Windows 7 and later API. This makes the versions’ dependencies incompatible when you distribute your apps. So pay attention. Downloads (For Distribution/Standalone Runtime): Required … Continue reading

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Update: Real 3D in Qt 4.8.7 without third-party libraries DirectX or OpenGL

UPDATE!!!! Is it getting more obvious this is going to work? 😛

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